Shayne Marissa,

Today you turn TWO years old! I am still in disbelief at how quickly time goes. Two years ago, I met you and have fallen more in love with you every day since. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I do you and your brother. Being your mommy has been the greatest blessing of my life, and every moment is better than the one before. Imagining you grow into a little lady is very bittersweet. You have more love to give each day, and the biggest personality I have ever seen. You light up every room you enter, and exude happiness that is infectious.


Your silly side is my favorite part about you. You make jokes, laugh all the time, sing songs while dancing in circles, and love giving hugs and kisses! You love everything soft and want to hug and kiss every animal you see (including pigeons and raccoons).


You make this world a better place and remind me about the importance of the little things in life. You have taught me to slow down, smell the roses, and hug for that extra minute even when I am in a huge hurry. Nothing is more important than showing you all the beauty in this world.


You challenge me with your questions, bring joy to the darkest days and love trying new things. You are getting into dressing up, although being naked is still your favorite way to be. You love to run around the house shouting, “Nakey, nakey baby!” You are very easy to put to bed. So easy sometimes that I am usually not ready to let you go and insist on reading you one more story so I can sneak in some more cuddles.

It is so fun taking you to new places. You find something fun in every situation and are always so curious and excited. You speak way beyond your years and can have full blown conversations with people. You know all of your friends’ names, and seem quite popular with other kids of all ages. Your big brother, Kolton is your best friend, and you will follow him anywhere, whether he likes it or not.


I hope you stay this sweet forever, and I look forward to every day with you, since each one is an adventure. I will continue to do whatever I can to keep that adorable smile on your face. Your laugh is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard, and your curly hair is like your personality; soft, spunky and little wild! I love enjoying your presence and will not take advantage of this special time in our lives.


Your favorite books are, Theo and Beau, Trucks, 10 Little Ladybugs, and anything with Mickey Mouse. You love to watch Doc McStuffins, Mickey Roadster Racers, Zootopia, and pretty much whatever your brother suggests. You sing more songs than I know. My favorite is when you sing The Finger Family songs and act out each finger. Seriously makes my whole day and I want to put those moments in a bottle.


I wish I could freeze time just for a little while, since this is my favorite age. I hope you always love me as much as you do today and keep smiling.


Happy Birthday Shay Shay. You make Mommy so proud!