This past Halloween was probably the best one yet! Kolton is about to turn three years old and is at such a fun age. Before this year, he didn’t really understand what Halloween was all about. When I got his costume, I tried my best to find something that he would be comfortable in, since he would not choose one himself. I ended up finding an adorable dinosaur costume that fits like pajamas…super soft, comfortable and warm for trick or treating. He refused to even try it on and I was so disappointed. As the night drew closer, and we explained to him that he could get CANDY if he wore his costume, he finally agreed, and LOVED wearing it! YES!! SUCCESS!! And Shayne was of course adorable in her Lamb costume from Pottery Barn Kids!



We woke up early Halloween morning to hit up a local pumpkin patch to let Kolton enjoy the bouncy house, and for us to get some last minute decorations. Shayne stayed nice and warm in her Bundle Me sack and beanie from JJ COLE. We absolutely love this product for those cold fall and winter days!



And Kolton had a blast and was able to burn off some energy before his nap!

IMG_5236 IMG_5232

We spend much of the day relaxing and making sure the little ones were fed and happy. Since Kolton was still new to the concept of Halloween, this may be the last year that we are able to get away with relaxing before the festivities. After his nap, we got in our costumes and got ready for the fun! Our costumes this year were all very comfortable and cozy with an animal theme to them. I wanted to make sure everyone was able to keep them on for the entire evening and would not get cold if it ended up being a cool night.


We went to a local spot where the streets are all blocked off, and there is so much fun and tons of houses for trick or treating! Kolton had more fun than I could have imagined! He LOVED walking up to people and asking them for candy! He LOVED seeing everyone’s costumes, and he LOVED the live music and spent much of the night dancing in the streets with our friend the Marshmallow Man!!

IMG_5506 IMG_5326 IMG_5353

This may have been the most fun we have had on Halloween. We were sad when it was over, and cannot wait until next year!!