I cannot even believe that Kolton has already started nursery school! Motherhood can be so bittersweet. I can only imagine how I will feel when he actually starts preschool…or KINDERGARTEN!!

He is not even 2 years old yet, but we decided that now would be a good time to begin getting him acclimated to a school-like setting. After some research, we selected a ‘one day per week’ co-op. Of course I would be there with him every class, as parent participation is a must. This made my decision much easier on both him and myself. The co-op we selected is one that my sister-in-law has been a part of with all three of her kids. The older two thrived greatly from this program, and her youngest has just begun and in the same class as Kolton! I love when these two little cousins get together, so this was an obvious choice.

I really enjoyed our first day, and I know Kolton had a BLAST! The curriculum is very child and play-based, so Kolton was able to explore and get messy while also socializing and having the option to participate in more structured activities. The activities available ranged from painting and building train tracks to a play kitchen and a full-sized piano. There are also guinnea pigs and goldfish for the children to see (with adult supervision of course).


The outside area has a lot of room to the children to run, play and climb. Pretty much everything is available to them if they want it. This was truly like toddler Disneyland! Kolton spent the latter part of the day driving his favorite blue car while Aven followed behind him honking the horn. It was so fun to watch.


We had to finish off the day with some fun water-play. Luckily I had been forewarned to bring a change of clothes just incase. This definitely came in handy.


I am very happy with selecting this co-op and I know Kolton will be looking forward to next week! More posts to come!