Our recent trip to Maui was so incredible and quite possibly the best family trip we have had so far. Shayne and Kolton are really starting to appreciate new experiences and absolutly love the beach, the pool, the sand and the sunshine!


Kolton was not quite 4 yet at the time of our trip and Shayne was almost 18 months. While the 5 1/2 hour flights there and back had their challenges, it was overall well worth it! I just wish we could have stayed longer.


Thankfully we packed our favorite diapers for Shayne from Parasol Co. They are super soft and ultra absorbent. I didn’t have to change her diaper for the entire flight. We even used them for bedtime, and had no leaks!



Shayne wore her diapers while exploring on the beach! Their adorable prints did not go unnoticed either, and we received several compliments.


I can’t rave enough about these amazing diapers! They have saved us from so many accidents and have made long trips just that much easier. I love how soft they are too, and I can tell Shayne can notice the difference. The wipes are amazing also and made from all natural ingredients and they smell like cucumber!


Parasol Co. has some exciting specials for the holidays. You can send them as gifts or keep them for your little ones! Check them out below:

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Happy Travels,