Sometimes memories sneak out my eyes and roll down my cheeks. We all remember the exact moments our kid’s were born like it was just yesterday. With Kolton, I remember the first sound he made after my c-section and the exact second he was placed on my chest.7C1C4827

Shayne was a VBAC and while my birthing experience was completely different, that moment sticks in my mind just the same. She was placed on my chest and my heart melted. It was magic. shayne addtional-1.jpg

While these moments will stick with me forever, I still search for ways to wear them. Do you remember the stage of the moon the day or night your child was born? I never realized that Kolton was born on a full moon and Shayne was born during a waxing gibbous moon. I was even able to learn about their personalities based on the moon stage. Not everyone is into that, but it is fun to read about all the same. 

Moonglow Jewelry has this magnificent and unique way of capturing these special dates by showing the exact moon during that date and placing it onto a charm. Then, you can wear that charm as a necklace, a bracelet or even a ring. IMG_8203

This truly is such a special gift for anyone and like nothing I had ever seen. I chose the Lunar Twin Charm Necklace to document both of my children’s birthdates, but the possibilities are endless. Moonglow Jewelry even has a bracelet option that will hold up to six different moons. IMG_6403

I recommend Moonglow Jewelry as a way to document a special day in your life, or a loved ones life. These dates can include; birthdates, anniversaries, graduation dates, or just about anytime that was significant.