Since November of 2012, when my son was born, I have been a boy mom! Boy is all I knew, and what I became comfortable with. I knew where to find all of the cutest boy clothes, custom ordered boy cloth diapers and had a boy nursery. As Kolton grew, I became an expert on toy trains, trucks, airplanes and everything with balls! While I made it a point to not force the gender stereotype on my son, these are just the types of things he was most interested in. We never played dress up, but we collected rocks from every house in the neighborhood. He was never into dolls or stuffed animals, but LOVED throwing balls at stacks of blocks to see how hard they would fall. He has always been so sweet, but also very destructive. I think it is just in his DNA. This was all I knew as a mom.

Naturally, when we discovered we were pregnant with baby #2, I assumed Kolton was going to have a baby brother. I knew Kolton was going the be a boy the morning before our gender revealing ultrasound, and I had a similar premonition with this new baby. Although I think this was more of a slightly jaded assumption than an actual gut feeling. When we had our ultrasound, we asked the ultrasound technician not to reveal it to us, but rather to write it down on a piece of paper and seal it up. We then took it to a local party store and had them open it after we left and place balloons into a giant box for us to open in front of our family and friends. Blue balloons for a boy and pink balloons for a girl.


When we opened the box, and three pink balloons flew up into the air, I was shocked! Then, within seconds, I was so overjoyed and swarmed with emotions that I could not hold back the tears. We were going to have a BABY GIRL!!


Everyone around me was telling me how fun it is to shop for baby girl clothes, but this was so foreign to me. While I was of course more than excited to be able to experience the love and special bond from a son AND a daughter, I have never been that into big bows, and lace and tutus so I was a little overwhelmed.

I decorated Shayne’s nursery in neutral grays and white with a little purple for color. (Check out Shayne’s nursery HERE). Nothing over the top. And I planned on dressing her the same way. I did however find it exciting to buy cute, but neutral, headbands and hats for her to wear. After doing some searching for the perfect style, I came across a website called Charming Damsel Handmade. I placed an order for a Mommy and Me set of their adorable plum turban hats and a newborn sailor knot headband in white. Both seemed to go with everything and were simple and classy. When my order came in, I was immediately in love! They were even nicer in person than what I saw online! The material was soft and comfortable, and they were very well made. I knew my baby girl would look ADORABLE, and she did!!

First, she was able to wear the sailor knot headband.


When she was a little older, she was able to wear the turban hat, which she will be able to continue to wear until she is around two years old.

They always seemed to fit Shayne comfortably, so of course, we had to order more of theses adorable and fashionable accessories!

We even got Piper and Kenzie in on the fun!


My personal favorite is their retro tie-up headbands. They have so many fun prints to choose from, and can grow with your baby’s head! You just re-tie them to fit.

Charming Damsel Handmade is always coming out with new prints and designs perfect for any weather or season. I love going onto their website and checking out all of the different styles and patterns. You can even design your own headband or turban hat! The possibilities are endless! This is a shop that I hold near and dear to my heart and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to accessorize themselves or their little ones!

While I will always be a BOY mom, I have learned that I can also be a little GIRLY!

We have partnered with Charming Damsel Handmade for a GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a Mommy and Me turban set in any style or pattern combination of your choice! To enter, comment here with the reason you deserve to win such a fabulous set! Check out our Instagram account for more chances to win! Good luck!