When we were getting ready to head over to swim class, I was a little concerned as to how he would do this week. He kept telling me that he did not want to go. This was heartbreaking to me but I assured him that if he really did not like it when we got there, he would not have to stay. He also kept telling me that he did not want to go under water, and I told him he would not have to if he didn’t want to.

When we got there, to my surprise, Kolton began making a lot of progress right away. I stayed close to him, watching him and reassuring him that it would be okay and he went under water on his own for about 5 seconds. This is a pretty big deal for a strong-willed three year old. He had fun practicing blowing bubbles under water, and splashing around with the instructor. The class was a little smaller this time with only Kolton and one other girl, so maybe this helped.

After class, he walked to the showers without any hesitation to rinse off while the instructor told me about his progress. I am so proud of him, and am really beginning to think we made the right decision in bringing him here.


This week was even better than the last. Kolton was immediately excited to get in the pool! He loved the songs, and was comfortable putting his entire face underwater! He floated on his back, supported by Leo of course, and kicked his legs! I was so proud to see this and am really excited about his progress!

Kolton keeps asking when he can go back to swim class! We are both looking forward to next week!