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Good food and family are what it is all about. I was so happy to be invited to the AMAZING Inaugural Global Food Fair at Mountain House, California. We have visited this beautiful community several times now and really appreciate the sense of community there. The event was fully sponsored and hosted by the Mountain House Developers to celebrate the cultural diversity of the Mountain House community. The drive for us is not bad, so bringing this kids is no trouble at all. Also, it is always nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area and experience a slower paced atmosphere.


I was fortunate to have my sister and adorable nephew in town during the Inaugural Global Food Fair event, so I had extra help with Kolton and Shayne and we were all able to have a really fun day! Not to mention, the weather could not have been more perfect!


Mountain House is located east of Livermore, just over the Altamont Pass and minutes from all the conveniences and attractions of the Tri-Valley. We made it to the event just as they were finishing set up, which was great for us because we were able to beat the crowds. Right off the bat, the kids ran to the playground and said it was, “the best playground ever”! I was impressed by the entire set up! The band was playing, the sun was shining, and there were plenty of tables and chairs strewed all across the lush, green grass. We arrived as the vendors were setting up and before it became too crowded. The event was very successful, and as the early birds, we were able to avoid the lines and hit every booth. As the day progressed, the crowds grew, for obvious reasons. Amazing food, live entertainment and a gorgeous community vibe makes for a wonderful experience for anyone.



Of course there was the FOOD!! There were food trucks and vendor stands with so many complimentary items to choose from! The vendors included, Yafa Hummus Mediterranean Cuisine, Sweet Arts Bakery, Mountain House Pizza Company, Amazing Chinese Kitchen, All American Tri-tip BBQ Truck and Dhaba Indian Cuisine. The samples were endless, and all delicious. IMG_3020IMG_2909IMG_2913IMG_2914IMG_3037IMG_3028

Tasting so many different cultures at one venue is a rarity these days, especially when it is also an event I can take my children to so we definitely made the most of the day. Did I mention there was a face painter and balloon artist? The kids took full advantage of these and put them to work. They were so patient and did an amazing job. IMG_2941IMG_2946IMG_2953IMG_2957IMG_2960IMG_2974

Half way through our experience, to our surprise, the fountains turned on! Coincidentally we had swimsuits in the car and let the kids cool off and get wet. Unfortunately their face paint became a thing of the past but it was worth the smiles on their faces. IMG_2980IMG_2983IMG_2987IMG_2998IMG_3005IMG_3018IMG_3003

We wrapped up the day with a dance party on the lawn courtesy of the lively and entertaining country band! When it was time to say goodbye, while we were all exhausted and pleasantly full, it was still a little tough. Everytime you end a wonderful day, the feeling is bittersweet. IMG_3043

Now for even more adorable pictures of our trip…