This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed are my own.

I often get overwhelmed when it comes time to clean our playroom. I also feel guilty about how many toys my kids have. I do not want them to be spoiled with useless toys that do not educate them in any way. Unfortunately Christmas and birthdays always bring way more toys than any child needs.

My goal is to purge the playroom and donate to those who will get some use out of the toys Kolton and Shayne have outgrown or just don’t play with, and replace them with educational toys that will provide them with knowledge and give them a leg up in school.  Kolton is in transitional kindergarten and Shayne is in junior preschool, and both LOVE learning.IMG_1303

When we got this amazing learning Globe from Shifu Orboot, I knew the kids would love it as much as me! Kolton is at the age where learning is becoming so much fun for him. He is always asking questions and is fascinated by the answers. This globe has no borders or names on it, and works with a free app. IMG_1300IMG_1302IMG_1301

Kolton is learning about different animals from different countries around the World, just by moving his iPad over the area he chooses. He is also learning about the cultures and different countries. He is really into flags right now, so he really enjoyed seeing the different flags around the World. IMG_1299IMG_1295

Here are some facts to note:

*ORBOOT GLOBE + APP takes the child on an Augmented Reality based journey around the world. Fun. Interactive. Educational. (NO BORDERS OR NAMES ON GLOBE)

*THE BOX comes with a 10” globe, passport, stamp, country flag stickers, and a detailed help guide.

*COMPATIBILITY – Orboot app is free on iOS, Kindle and Android. Compatible with – iPad 3 & above, iPad mini 2 & above, iPhone 6 & above; Kindle 8 and above; Android 3GB RAM and above.

*CATEGORIES IN APP – cultures, monuments, inventions, animals, maps and weather for various countries across the globe.

*STEAM Ahead – A perfect toy for the ever-curious kids that sparks their imagination and curiosity. It helps build knowledge, linguistic and cognitive skills. Makes for an amazing and unique gift for kids!

This Shifu Orboot Globe is available on Amazon!