How to Jump Start Your Children’s Imagination with JumpOff Jo!

Every childhood should consist of imagination, dreams and a little magic. Growing up in an era before tablets, smartphones and artificial intelligence, with three siblings, pretend play and imagination was everything! A favorite activity was building forts and pretending we lived in them. We would even make them in the backyard and no one could enter without a password.

IMG_1978The indoor forts took a lot of creativity, with lamps, chairs, blankets, cushions and coffee tables. We would have campouts and do our homework under lamplights in our forts.

I love trying to re-create my childhood through the eyes of Kolton and Shayne. Infact, one of my favorite things about having children is becominga child all over again. IMG_1967

While by no means do I consider myself a “master” at fort building anymore, JumpOff Jo has made it easier for parents and children to build a living room fort without all of the stress. The JumpOff Jo Blanket Fort includes three blankets, which can each tie together, as well as weights to attach so you don’t have to worry about your fort falling over. IMG_1984IMG_1956IMG_1959IMG_1963

I also love how easy it is to store these blankets and weights. JumpOff Jo comes with a bag and the blankets are so easy to fold up and put away until next time. IMG_1961

Good, healthy fun is key to a happy childhood. And when cleanup is easy, it is even better. Stay tuned for more fun fort pictures from my princess and superhero!



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JumpOff Jo. The opinions and text are all mine.

16 thoughts on “How to Jump Start Your Children’s Imagination with JumpOff Jo!

    1. I agree! I was always reluctant with fort building since I knew I would spend the whole night cleaning it up and moving furniture back. These blankets are great because they are so easy to store. I think we might order more and expand our fort building 🙂

  1. My favorite part about these forts are the thin materials used. I remember how stuffy blankets were where we used them for forts growing up. I will definitely be purchasing one soon!

  2. These look really good. I believe stimulating a child’s imagination is so important & anything that helps do this is a total win

  3. I love how you’ve created a little hangout place for them to enjoy. We did this for the kids when they were this small.

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