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Our beautiful little Shayne is 5 months old! She has brought so much joy into our lives over these past 5 months…more than I ever thought was possible and I can’t even remember what life was like before her.

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This past month has been a little rough on all of us with the whole family catching a bad head cold with bronchitis. Shayne caught it the worst, which was heartbreaking to see. She is too young to take any medicine with the exception of infant Tylenol, so we just had to let the cold run it’s course. The cough was the worst. It kept her up at night, all night long and the only comfort she could get was when I nursed her, which was constantly. I am so glad that is all over, and she is finally getting back on track with her sleep schedule. She is such a calm and happy baby girl, so to see her so upset and uncomfortable like that was really heartbreaking.

Shayne in her Mama Roo Swing
Shayne in her MamaRoo Swing

She is getting very curious about food these days, staring and grabbing for anything I am eating or drinking, and it will be fun to introduce her to some solids next month. She can sit up on her own for several seconds and loves to roll. She is even trying to crawl when on her stomach and she thinks it is so hilarious!

We will start to introduce her to her own crib next month, which will probably be harder on me than on her. I love having her in the co-sleeper next to me where I can see her and touch her whenever I want to. I do think she will sleep better when she doesn’t see me next to her though.

She loves grabbing at her toys and is getting very good at controlling her arms. Apparently her own feet are the coolest thing ever because she puts them in her mouth every chance she gets. She is very easy to take places and really only gets fussy when she is hungry or really tired. She loves to be held, and I love holding her. I cherish these moments with her and love this age she is at now. I also know that it will only get better!


Little Lamb costume from Pottery Barn Kids

We are getting ready to take her on an airplane for the first time to Tucson to see her Nani (great-grandmother) and her Auntie Nicole and Uncle Jay! I think she will do great!

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