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Diapers have been such a huge part of our lives since our parenting journey began almost FIVE years ago. For a while we even had two in diapers. Now the thought of being done with them all together does not seem real. I cannot even imagine parenting without them.


While we patiently wait to be on to the next chapter, we recently ventured to FoodsCo (sister store to Kroger) and discovered Comfort™ Diapers. As long as diapers continue to be a part of our lives, we may as well use ones that are not only comfortable, but also affordable. IMG_8043

We had a blast shopping through FoodsCo and selecting her favorite pack of Comfort™ Diapers in her size. She even wanted to hold them as we walked through the store crossing the rest of our items off our list.

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Comfort™ Diapers have some great new features that make wearing them more comfortable for Shayne, and more convenient for me! I really appreciate the wetness indicator and the day and night leak protection! Shayne’s loves the soft outer cover and feel, the stretch around the waist band for a better fit, and the 2 fun new patters in her pack of Comfort™ Diapers!


When we got home, Shayne was excited to put on her new diapers, and ran around the house, singing and dancing, as she usually does. I could tell she loved the fit and comfort and could barely even notice that they were on!


While I know that we not will be using diapers forever (although sometimes it feels this way) we may as well use diapers that are soft, absorbent and will save us money. Check out Comfort™ Diapers in their NEW packaging at your local Kroger’s Grocery Store (or sister stores in your area)

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Happy Diapering!