It’s natural for moms to panic, even if they’ve had kids before or if their kids are old enough to do their own thing. It’s just something that comes with motherhood. However, if you’re expecting your first child, you might feel you’re being over the top. You might think that you’re worrying too much. For a mother, though, there’s no such thing, so here are nine things that all moms worry about to (hopefully) put your mind at ease. 

1. A Nutritious Meal

Healthy kids are happy kids, but when you work all day long, preparing something nutritious and delicious feels a little much. Even worse, what do you spend all this time crafting a well-rounded meal only for them to discard it in favor of fast-food? 

Encouraging healthy eating is essential for your kids to grow up into healthy and happy individuals, but this begins at home. If this is something you’re concerned about, consider meal prep to save time, or even reward them for finishing everything on their plate. 

2. Safety Out of Sight

You can’t keep an eye on your child forever, so anytime they are out of sight, you can worry. When they are toddlers, you might wonder, are crib bumpers safe for your baby after leaving them for the night. Baby monitors, especially modern video models, can ease any fears and help you keep an eye on them. 

But what about when they’re older? A cell phone can help you keep in touch with them, as can tracking apps. But many parents aren’t too sure about such measures. They can feel like an invasion of privacy. In many cases, you’ll need to trust them and make sure they are surrounded by friends you trust. 

3. Kids Doing Enough

It’s essential to keep your kids busy. Otherwise, they spend all day in bed or lying on the sofa watching TV. You want them to get involved with sports and clubs to explore different activities and boost their social skills. 

Is there such a thing as too much to do, though? Kids who do something every night will have a vast network of friends, but they also might come to resent doing it. You’ve also got to make sure there’s time for homework and relaxation. While keeping busy is good for them, everyone needs a break.

4. Are You Working Too Much? (Or At Home Too Often?)

There will come the point when you need to go back to work, and you’ll leave your baby with a sitter. For many moms, this can be the hardest part, and you might worry that you’re missing out on significant moments because you’re back in the office. 

However, there’s another side to this coin; whether you’re spending too much time at home. It’s understandable not to want to be away from your child, especially when they’re so young. But by being at home, you can lose part of your identity, and you might find it difficult to get back to work later. 

5. The Company They Keep

Parents will always worry about the friends their kids have, and as a mother, you’re very protective of the company they keep. You might meet kids from families with reputations, which will immediately cause you to judge them harshly.

It’s not right for you to judge these kids, especially if you’ve not met them before and have heard rumors. Still, you don’t want your kid to fall in with the wrong crowd, so meeting their friends and the parents can help put your mind at ease. 

6. Sickness and Health

Kids will get sick. There’s nothing you can do about it, and there’s no point in worrying too much. However, the first illness, especially if it’s your first child, is never good, mainly because they can’t communicate with you. 

You’re bound to worry about this, but having an excellent pediatrician to call can help alleviate any fears. It might be tempting to run to the internet for information, but this is often the worst thing to do, as you’ll find so much conflicting information that you won’t know what to believe. 

7. Taking Time For Yourself

Is it wrong for a mother to take time for herself? No, but she will often feel like she is selfish doing so. However, everyone needs to find the time to unwind, especially if you’re juggling several responsibilities. 

Taking time for yourself will help you relax and give you a break from mom duties. There’s nothing wrong with this, and even if you only take an hour to soak in the bath while your partner takes care of the kids, you can feel refreshed and more capable of dealing with being a mother. When it comes to time for yourself, don’t let anyone try to shame you for it. 

8. Too Many Screens

Screens have become a standard parenting tool for busy moms and dads who need to distract their kids from boredom for a few hours. However, this can lead to bad habits on both sides. Both you and your children will come to depend on screens too much for entertainment and respite. 

While screens are useful for homework and even some relaxation, too much time spent staring at the screen means they won’t get out and do things. They won’t experience the world the way they should, which means they might miss out on something special. 

9. Can You Be Better?

Us moms never feel perfect, so all we can do is try to be the very best mom we can be for our kids. Your kids will see that you care so much, and most of the time, this will be enough. 

You are bound to lose your temper and make mistakes at times, but as long as you can create a loving and supportive environment for your child, they will turn out a-okay, and that’s all you can ask for. 

Mommy Worries

The worries will never truly go away. Understanding that there are plenty of things for moms to panic and fret about can make you feel a little better. You’d rather care too much than too little, and that’s why there’s nothing wrong with mommy worries. We need to give ourselves more credit and support each other.