Kolton turned 3 years old on Sunday, but we had his Birthday party with friends and family on Saturday! We always have a difficult task of finding an indoor venue for his parties. Since his birthday is at the end of November, we have to assume that it will be cold and/or raining. This year I was very pleased with the venue we chose, especially since it ended up being a VERY COLD day!

(Check out Kolton’s JUNGLE themed 1st birthday HERE and his TRAIN themed 2nd birthday HERE).

We had his third birthday party at our local Bay Club, Courtside. The club provided us with a party room for our guests to meet in and for the kids to color while we waited for the rest of our party to arrive. The theme we chose this year was TRUCKS. Kolton loves all trucks and he loved this idea.


After most of our guest arrived, we were moved into the large gym, where they provided us with a giant jumpy slide! This was a HUGE hit with the kids! It was non-stop fun for them, and it gave the adults a chance to talk and catch up.


Kolton was so happy to have his cousins, grandparents and so many of his friends there to celebrate his birthday! He can be a little intimidated when the spotlight is on him, but to him this was all just one big party, instead of seeing it as all eyes on him!


After a little over an hour of climbing, jumping, sliding and playing, we all headed back to the party room for some pizza (and other food for the adults), and cupcake decorating for dessert.


When it came time to sing “Happy Birthday”, I gave Kolton a warning and made sure he was okay with it. In the past he has had a really hard time with everyone singing to him and has really disliked the birthday song. This year I held him as everyone sang, and he was okay with it until about the end. He got through it though, and I think one year, he may actually enjoy all of the attention. For now, we continue to be patient with him and make sure he is always comfortable.

As the party came to an end, everyone was able to grab a loot bag filled with fun little toys and candy. We were so thankful for all of our friends and family that was able to join us in celebrating such a special little boy! He deserves all of the love he gets from everyone, and has so much love to give back in return. He is always saying, “Please” and “Thank You” and loves giving big hugs! I am just so proud of him and happy he had such a fun day celebrating!


Since the next day was his official birthday, we had to celebrate again of course! I asked him where he wanted to go, and he said Chuck E Cheese’s and he wanted his cousins to be there. So, that is what we did! We did not make it a formal affair at all. We just wanted him to have another fun day with us to eat pizza and play some games.

After Chuck E Cheese’s, I had some birthday questions to ask him for our records. He really enjoyed answering them this year.

  1. What is your favorite color?  “Green” (this changes everyday)
  2. What is your favorite food? “Blackberries and raspberries and watermelon”
  3. What is your favorite thing to play? “Coloring with markers”
  4. Where is your favorite place to go? “Chuck E Cheese’s”
  5. Who is your best friend? “Matthew, Devon and Sue Sue” (these are his friends from school)
  6. (this question he added on his own) What is your favorite candy? “Skittles, Starburst, M&Ms and baby M&Ms”

I can’t wait to see his answers next year!

On Monday, he was even given a THIRD celebration at his preschool with his classmates! When we arrived in the morning, I brought some mini cupcakes for the class and there was a sign in front of the classroom with his name on it!

   Since it was his special day, he was able to sit in the extra special blue bird chair ALL DAY! When I picked him up he was so happy! They all sang to him and he got a special birthday hat and sticker! He didn’t want to take either of them off for the rest of the day! 

  We are so lucky to have found him such a wonderful school where the kids are made to feel so special and valuable. 

3 birthday celebrations for my big 3 year old!!!



I am still in disbelief that my baby boy is a big 3 year old! With all of the hustle and bustle of preparing for Thanksgiving, his Birthday party immediately after and Christmas quickly approaching, I didn’t have much time to sit back and reminisce about these past three years until it was all over. I was finally able to sit back and look through some old photos and realize how much he has grown, and continues to grow and learn and make me so proud every day! Looking back at his newborn photos reminds me how quickly this time has gone, but also how quickly and deeply I fell in love with this little man! It was like nothing I had ever imagined possible before the very first time I held him in my arms. I swore I would always protect him and take care of him. I never knew a selfless love like this was possible before I met my baby boy.



Words cannot describe how thankful I am that this beautiful boy chose me to be his Mommy!

Happy Birthday, Kolton! I’m looking forward to every year to come!