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The kids are FINALLY back at school in what appears to be a “normal” school year post-covid (so far). In-person learning, no masks, parents are allowed on campus and regular school hours. Fingers crossed that we can continue this. So, I want my kids to have THE BEST possible experience as a 4th grader and 2nd grader! I seriously cannot believe where the time has gone! I have put together some of my favorite back to school must-haves below, so keep reading for some great ideas!

Back to School Must-haves:

CORE Foods (Brownie Bites):

CORE Foods crafts snacks that do more for your core, with focus on health, immunity and wellness. They are plant-based, organic snacks that also provide nutrition.

We LOVE the Double Chocolate Chip Brownie Bites AND Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownie Bites! Both are only 90 calories and 1G of net carbs. They are also certified Keto, gluten-free and VEGAN! These bites are the perfect size for snacking for my little chocolate lover (and for myself).

Vitamin Friends:

Vitamin Friends focuses on inclusiveness. Quality is what they are made of and each day their focus is becoming the gummy vitamins that parents can trust, and kids can love. Their gummies are Kosher Certified, Vegan Certified, made in the USA and top 9 allergen free.

Our favorites to start the school year include:

Kids Vegetarian Multivitamin Gummies:

These gummies contain 18 vitamins and minerals plus choline for brain benefits. They are formulated based on the average diet of kids in the U.S. and what their deficiencies are. These vitamins are meant to fill those nutritional gaps. Take 4 gummies daily.

Kids Vegan Focus Gummies:

100mg of Sharp PS® a branded ingredient with many clinical studies about ADHD, ADD, memory, concentration, focus and Alzheimer’s. Great product, great taste and better results. Take 6 gummies per day is recommended for 2 weeks to jump start focus results. Or take 2 per day but results may take longer to take effect. These gummies are great for focus, memory and concentration.

Use the special discount code ‘Babble15‘. It is good for one purchase and will apply to the first charge of a recurring subscription.

Girl Scouts x Western Chief:

It’s almost rain boot season!

Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and Western Chief, Seattle’s oldest footwear company and the nation’s largest growth rain boot brand, announce GSUSA’s first-ever boot collection! Girl Scouts x Western Chief is a new five-item waterproof kid and adult boot collection features deliciously fun and whimsical Girl Scout themed footwear.

WowWee – Fashion Fidgets:

These are great for your fidgety student.

Fashion Fidgets are dolls styled with accessories in totally cute fits that double as fidget toys! Each of these Fashion Fidgets doll has at least three fidget features and the rare dolls come with 4! Collect all 18! Your kiddo can bring their Fashion Fidgets with them everywhere since each doll comes with a keychain to attach to a backpack. They are so much fun for fashionistas ages 5 and up!

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