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Have you ever gotten so excited to cook something fun in the kitchen with your kids, and it ended up being way more than you bargained for? We have done this several times. I go into it with such high hopes for a magnificent meal made with love, creativity and fun but it ends up being a disaster! Recently I discovered Jus-Rol pre-rolled refrigerated dough. Jus-Rol helped us to make two delicious pizzas without the frustration and very little cleanup.

About Jus-Rol™

Jus-Rol™ began in 1954 as the company set out to change home baking with fresh dough rolled on baking paper. This allowed for quicker prep time, better baking results, and simple cleanup. The dough was a delight for British bakers and is now being introduced to the US market with rolled doughs that offer convenience and great taste. Jus-Rol™ has several amazing options for different baking needs. These include:

Jus-Rol™ Family Size Pizza Crust

Jus-Rol™ Round & Thin Pizza Crust

Jus-Rol™ Puff Pastry Dough

Jus-Rol™ Flatbread Dough

Jus-Rol™ Pie Crust

Pizza Making with Kids Made EASY

We recently tried the Jus-Rol™ Family Size Pizza Crust AND Jus-Rol™ Round & Thin Pizza Crust and our creations turned out delicious! Keep reading to see just how easy it was and how incredible our pizzas turned out!

Pizza Time

Pizza Making with Kids Made EASY

In true Wahlstrom family form, we could not agree on pizza toppings. Thankfully, we had two types of pizza dough from Jus-Rol™ so we were able to make two pizzas! Kolton and Shayne wanted extra cheese, and my husband and I wanted LOTS of toppings.

In the past, pizza night was almost always a disaster, and ALWAYS a lot of cleanup. Making our pizzas with Jus-Rol™ was so incredibly easy, that we are already planning our next pizza night! Just see how easy (and fun) it actually was!


The Dough:

Grab your round pizza pan and/or rectangular baking sheet pan and roll out the pre-rolled pizza dough from Jus-Rol™. It already comes on baking paper that can go directly in the oven.

Add Pizza Sauce:

Spread it all around the dough. We used tomato sauce mixed with tomato paste, but you can use marinara or a pizza sauce made from scratch if you want to. Add basil, or any other seasoning you choose depending on your taste.


Start with Mozzarella cheeses and add your favorite toppings! I love salami, artichokes, black olives and mushrooms. The kids love extra cheese!


It takes under 20 mins! (Please refer to packaging for baking instructions)

Slice and Enjoy:

Yep… it’s that easy!!

So… the conclusion is… you NEED to try these Jus-Rol™ doughs! They are already rolled on baking paper for simple prep and easy clean up, so baking with kids becomes a fun activity rather than a chore. These pizza doughs and other Jus-Rol™ products are all available in the refrigerated dairy case at your local grocery store.


Pizza Making with Kids Made EASY

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