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Our pup is a huge part of our family. Even though it was less than a year ago that he chose us, it is hard to remember our family being complete without him. Ghost is a Miniature American Eskimo and is the most lovable pet we could ever hope for. It brings me so much joy to spoil him. This is why I have put together some of my favorite products for spoiling your fur baby while keeping them healthy and active.

Tips for Spoiling Your Fur Baby

1. Fruitables®

I love these because they are a great alternative to all of the high fat and salt treats. Fruitables® blend healthy fruits and vegetables, plus proteins, in some unique combinations. There are so many flavors to choose from.

Here are two of our favorite combos:

Fruitables Biggies Almond Butter & Coconut:

This one is Ghost’s favorite! These treats are HUGE and pack a big crunch! They are made with real almond butter and coconut and have some serious flavor and aroma.

Fruitables® pb n’ joy Peanut Butter & Banana:

If your pup loves peanut butter as most dogs do, this is a great snack for them! These are made with delicious real peanut butter and bananas and are all-natural with a chewy texture that dogs love!

Fruitables® pb n’ joy Peanut Butter & Banana

2. Dog Toys From Multipet

Multipet International, Inc. has created so many award-winning dog toys that are tested for safety and durability. Not to mention, dogs LOVE them! I know Ghost does! His favorites are The Original 12” Loofa® Dog with Squeaker and Medium 10.5″ Lamb Chop®. Both are available at any pet retailer near you!

Medium 10.5″ Lamb Chop®

This adorable toy is super soft for cuddling but also squeeks for even more playtime fun. Shayne actually tried to snatch this one from Ghost.

Tips for Spoiling Your Fur Baby

The Original 12” Loofa® Dog with Squeaker

This is Ghost’s favorite to play fetch with. It is also soft and squeaks really loud. I love that it encourages movement and mental stimulation.

Tips for Spoiling Your Fur Baby

Warning: Always supervise your pet when playing with pet toys. This product should be inspected periodically for damages. Do not permit your pet to continue playing with a broken or damaged toy. Please discard when worn. No pet toy is indestructible. Intended for pet use only.

3. Vet’s Best products

While this may not be a favorite of Ghost’s, spoiling our pets also means taking care of them. These products are a must for our pets’ well-being. Vet’s
Best combines veterinary science with natural, plant-based ingredients so we don’t have to choose between effectiveness and safety. Here are some of my favorites:

Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash & Dry Ear Cleaner Kit

I love how this cleans and soothes raw, itchy, and smelly dog ears while keeping them fresh and dry between baths. If your pup suffers from irritated ears, these formulas contain natural ingredients and are gentle and soothing. Ingredients include chamomile, clove oil, tea tree oil and aloe vera.

Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash & Dry Ear Cleaner Kit

Vet’s Best Advanced Hip & Joint

Even though Ghost is still a puppy, we always have to look towards long term health. Vet’s Best is veterinarian-formulated with glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin and helps maintain normal healthy cartilage, connective tissue, and joint mobility. It’s like aspirin for dogs. Ghost is so active and full of energy that this is something we need to think of now!

Vet’s Best Advanced Hip & Joint

4. Oratene Brushless Oral Care

Because that stinky doggy breath is not only difficult to bear, it can also lead to health problems. Oratene products are safe for dogs and cats with no toxic xylitol, no detergents, chlorines or alcohols so I feel good about giving these to my pup.

Drinking Water Additive:

This is so easy. You just pour some in your pup’s drinking water! One 4 oz bottle makes up to 15 gallons. Just shake well and add two pumps to approximately 1 quart (4 cups) of fresh drinking water daily.

Tips for Spoiling Your Fur Baby

Toothpaste Gel:

One tube provides up to four months supply. You just apply half strip to gums twice a day. You can apply with a finger or brush but brushing isn’t necessary.

Breath Freshening Spray:

One bottle provides approximately 900 pumps. Just shake well and spray 3 or more pumps onto your pup’s teeth, gums and inside cheeks. This is a great dog bad breath cure!

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5. The Book: Doggos Doing Things: The Hilarious World of
Puppos, Borkers, and Other Good Bois

This is the perfect gift book from Running Press for dog parents from everyone’s favorite doggie Instagram account @doggosdoingthings

This hilarious and adorable book pairs more that 150 photos of pups of all shapes, sizes and breeds; with ridiculous captions describing what they’re up to.

The Book: Doggos Doing Things: The Hilarious World of
Puppos, Borkers, and Other Good Bois

6. iDig from iFetch

Is your dog a digger like Ghost? He is constantly digging for who knows what and burying anything he can get his paws on! Introducing iDig from iFetch… a positive outlet for your dog’s natural desire to dig! You just load the iDig with your dog’s favorite toys or treats and let the digging begin. The
iDig product comes with three flaps for burying their treasures, from snacks to favorite toys. Each flap is designed for various digging challenges so they are using their brains as well as their legs and paws to find things.

There are so many more benefits that come from iDig. Not only does it keep dogs entertained, but it also keeps your couch cushions safe! It also provides a positive outlet for dogs’ innate desire to dig.

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I hope you found these tips and products helpful. Please let me know your favorite products for spoiling your fur baby or babies in the comments below!

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