Attempting to take good care of myself whilst also fulfilling my role as a mom can often seem like an impossible task. Between work and family responsibilities is tough enough. So adding in the need for self care can throw me off the mark completely. But, I know that failing to look after myself as a busy mom can have a drastic effect on my abilities as a parent. So it’s vital to stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. Luckily, there are a few top tips and tricks that help make self care become a priority. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover my self care tips for super busy moms.

Change Your Diet 

I would often find myself eating what was left on my kids’ plates or swinging past the drive thru for a quick bite. I know that attempting to save time by skipping out on nutritious meals will have a serious effect on my health. The food that we eat directly converts into the fuel that our bodies use to perform each and every task. From healing muscles to growing new cells, so filling up on junk and processed foods will do nothing but encourage us to feel sluggish and tired. Changing your diet to ensure you consume 3 nutritious balanced meals will provide you with a whole host of different benefits both physical and mental. There are so many super fast recipes for busy moms in need of a boost, so get online and start searching for some time saving meals that you can create today. 

Self Care For Super Busy Moms

Establish A Morning Routine

Too many times I have rushed straight out of the door in the morning and such a bad start has had a dramatic impact on the rest of my day. Establishing a morning routine can transform the way that you feel, and you need no longer than 10 minutes to get so much done! I start off by washing my face with a quality cleanser and brushing my teeth and using a minty fresh mouthwash to wake up and feel better. If you have the time, consider putting on some moisturising lip balm, some pink blush or perhaps even a few shades from an eyeshadow palette from Dose of Colors, as an extra little flair of makeup can really boost your confidence so easily.

Get in a Workout

Whether it be a morning stretch or walk around the neighborhood. Getting the body moving can really change your outlook on what the day will bring. I love doing some morning meditation yoga before setting my kids up for distance learning. Then a more intense workout if possible while on their Zoom calls.

Self Care For Super Busy Moms

There are so many little things that we can change to have a better, more productive day. As busy as we all are, don’t we deserve a little self love?

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Self Care For Super Busy Moms