Organizing a Plant Swap in Your Community

Have you heard of plant swaps yet? In times like these, a plant swap is the perfect event to connect with your community in a safe way. Whether you’re a new plant parent or the proud resident of a home that can only be described as an urban jungle — you should definitely try hosting a plant swap! Here are some tips for organizing a plant swap in your community.

If you’re looking to get the whole neighborhood involved, you can let them know about the event you’re planning with a flyer or post on social media. Ask your kids to help you out in the planning process. Maybe they’d like to design a pretty flyer that you can copy and have them leave at neighbor’s and friend’s doors.

Tips For Hosting A Plant Swap

The flyer or post that announces your plant swap should include the date, time and a few guidelines. While there are no set rules for an event like this, these guidelines will ensure that everyone is having a great time:

1. All guests should bring at least one item

This can be a package of seeds, a cutting or an entire plant that they no longer want to keep in their own home.

2. All items should be labeled

This includes care instructions and other helpful information about the plant. You can share the printables linked below with everyone who signs up for the plant swap ahead of time or even hand them out right before the event.

3. Swapping plants must be healthy and pest-free

Bringing dead plants to exchange for new ones is just no fun.

What Plants to Bring

If you’re wondering what kind of plants are ideal for swapping, it could be anything from a tiny aloe vera succulent to a full-grown areca palm or even an herb! Plant swaps are great opportunities to give plants you no longer have space for a new loving home. Whether that’s a plant which has grown too big or you just no longer think it suits your style, as they say: one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure!

Plant swaps will also allow you to learn more about plant care. You may even hear of plants you didn’t know existed. Than you can exchange tips and tricks that other plant lovers will benefit from.

Finally, these events are the perfect chance to bring seeds or a new plant home and extend your collection.

FTD put together a helpful visual that illustrates all kinds of different plant swaps you can organize. Whether you want to host a private get together with family and friends or get the community together. How you host your plant swap is up to you and it will be a great experience either way!

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