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Any excuse to play dress up in my house is a good one. Playing dress up and discovering new shows is a double win, especially during Shelter In Place! I just found out about this new show coming out this month and rolling out year round on YouTube and Crunchy Roll about a kid Zombie named Zo Zo so I had to find out more!

Hearing about a kid zombie did not seem like the ideal show for my kids to watch, but learning more about Zo Zo changed my opinion.

Who is Zo Zo:

Zo Zo Zombie is not an average kid. It is pretty amazing what this little guy is capable of. This is a comedy that made both my son and daughter laugh out loud! Zo Zo’s adventures usually end with getting him into trouble and losing his limbs by trying to help. This zombie series is full of gags, slapstick humor, and good-natured-gross-outs!!

What We Got:

Kolton and Shayne had so much fun opening their surprise box from Zo Zo Zombie and Spin Master. It was full of treats and fun things that made them want to dress like zombies themselves.

Their box included Zo Zo Zombie band aids, eyeball hard candies, blood red icing, hot chocolate drink mix, lollipops in Boogers, Blood and Barf flavors, body parts gummy candies and a USB with not-yet-seen episodes of Zo Zo Zombie!

Zombies Everywhere:

So with the help of a little makeup and the blood red icing and bandaids provided in the box, this happened…

…and it could not have been anymore fun! We then spent our afternoon after homeschooling watching the show on my computer. I loved watching the kids as they reacted with disgust and then laughter! It was magical seeing their expressions all while dressed like kid zombies themselves.

The episodes were short and amusing and were the perfect distraction in between homeschooling assignments.

Check out Zo Zo Zombie on YouTube and subscribe HERE!


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