We are always searching for exotic, tropical vacation spots to travel to. There is nothing better than laying on a beach and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. This year, we were so blessed to be given a trip through my husband’s company to Bermuda! Bermuda has always been a place that I wanted to visit, but never really thought it would happen. We are on the West Coast, so traveling there is long and with two young kids, it just did not seem feasible. At first, I was sad that the kids could not come along. Since this was for my husband’s company, there were to be many adult-only events, and it would just be impossible to have them there while they are still so young. Of course, I cried the whole week getting ready to leave. Right when we got there, however; I was so happy to be able to relax and have some alone time with myself and my husband. IMG_4287

A Little About Bermuda:

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean and is closest to North Carolina (Approximately 665 miles away). Bermuda is self-governing, with its own constitution and its own government, which enacts local laws, while the United Kingdom retains responsibility for defence and foreign relations. IMG_4193


Traveling to Bermuda was not an easy flight for us living on the West Coast. We had to take a redeye to New York (a five hour flight) and another two hour flight from there to Bermuda. When we got there, we were greeted with beautiful weather, pink sand and a four hour time change! Since it is four hours later than what we were used to, I felt like I lost a lot of the day and was pretty exhausted from flying overnight. For this reason, we extended our trip by an extra day and let me just say, it was worth it! IMG_4200

Where to Stay: 

We were hosted at the Fairmont South Hampton. Driving from the airport to this magnificent hotel was like a dream! This gorgeous pink hotel overlooking the ocean and the golf course has it all, including its own private beach and beach club! There is a spa with a private, indoor pool, several restaurants, activities, a kids club (which we will use when we bring the kids) and spectacular service! IMG_4175


  • The Waterlot Inn – This historic restaurant is pricey but so worth it. The experience alone is like no other. It is right on the dock and 350 years old! We dined here and sat at the ‘Michael Douglass’ table. (Yes, this is the table he eats at whenever he visits). The steaks are PERFECTION!IMG_1719
  • Henry VIII – Great food and service. Fun atmosphere and beautiful setting.
  • Ocean Club – Breathtaking terrace dining and delicious seafood!
  • Baileys Ice Cream – Obviously this is for dessert. The most delicious hand-made ice-cream located next to The Caves (see below).

Things To Do:


  • The Crystal and Fantasy Caves –  These famous caves are MAGNIFICENT! But the story behind the young boys who found them while playing Cricket is even more incredible! IMG_4293IMG_4315
  • Rent a vespa – This is a fun way to tour the island, especially since, due to the size of the island and population, rental cars are not permitted. A vespa is a fun way to get around, but don’t forget which side of the road to drive on!!
  • Wave Runner tour through the Bermuda Triangle – We were speeding though the crystal blue waters, making occasional stops to dive in the ocean. We also stopped near a ship wreck in the Bermuda Triangle, where we fed fish right from our hands. I really wish I brought by camera for this since it was such a unique experience! At the same time, certain memories are meant to be kept only to us!
  • Shopping in Hamilton – Hamilton is like the downtown area of Bermuda. It has so much charm and some really nice, unique places to shop and eat. There are so many cruise ships that stop in Bermuda, so people watching is fun too, and the locals are so incredibly nice and helpful.
  • Take the local bus – This was one of our favorite experiences. Rather than hopping on the shuttles and trollies that our hotel offered, we decided to take the bus through town. This allowed us to experience more of the local charm of Bermuda and its locals. Everyone we met on the bus was so welcoming and kind. They answered our questions and gave us a lot of tips as to where to go and what to see. I loved watching the younger people on the bus who always allowed the ladies to enter first and gave up their seats to anyone who needed one. These are values that are often missed these days in our society, and ones that I try to instill in my children. IMG_4256
  • Hike around Horseshoe Beach – Talk about beauty! This beach is located on the Southern side of Bermuda, and right next to our hotel. The sand is PINK and the water is crystal blue! It can get very busy with the cruise ships that come in but its beauty is undeniable! There are so many places to go where you can beat the crowds. Just taking a short hike, you can reach so many secluded mini beached and coves. You can also find so many cliff views to sit and take it all in.



Bermuda is definitely up there with our favorite tropical spots thus far. I would love to make it back here with Kolton and Shayne one day, but for now, it will be in our memories as the perfect way for my husband and I to reconnect and experience the magic of Bermuda!

Stay tuned for some more travel posts!