In a few short days, school is back in session after a long winter break. This time around, back-to-school is not just for Kolton and Shayne, but for Momma as well! I took a six month break from my Elementary Education studies to pursue other things, and now, it is back to the grind. I am excited to get back on track and pursue my passion, but I am also nervous.

Six months is a long break, and I worry that going back will be too much to handle. Parenting is more work than any job I have experienced and throwing school back into the mix has me panicking.

I keep reminding myself that while taking my previous classes, I was home full-time with Shayne, who is now in junior pre-k. Having that help with her during the day will be very useful when it comes to my on-line courses. It is all about time management. I have to let go of some of my daily obsessive tendencies, ie. constant cleaning and organizing, and sit in front of Β my laptop and get my work done!

To Be Continued…