Every year, my in-laws plan a trip to South Lake Tahoe for the week of the 4th of July. Last year was the only year we were unable to make the trip since Shayne was only a month old and I was having too many reservations about taking her that far from home. This year, we were back on schedule and had the best time yet! Kolton, at the age of 3 this year, was finally able to understand and get excited for the trip with his cousins! Shayne, barely being a year old, was super excited to spend 5 days with her best friend, Moxie (my sister-in-law’s family dog)!

Part of the tradition has been renting from the same condo complex every year, but with our families growing bigger every year, we had to rent two condos this year, right next to each other. This gave everyone a little extra space, and allowed Shayne to be able to take her uninterrupted and much needed naps.

Of course we could not leave home without a stack of our favorite diapers from Parasol (click the link to get 20% off your first box of diapers). They are so soft and moveable for when Shayne needed to explore her beautiful surroundings.IMG_0990Kolton was always the first one awake and running for our front door to go next door to see his grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins! Having them as our neighbors brought his so much joy every morning, and sometimes even allowed us to sleep in for a bit.


We were able to spend 5 full days enjoying the beautiful Tahoe weather, swimming in the community pool, frequenting the lake, eating both in and out, shopping, gambling (a little vice of mine) and spending time with family.

Kolton went fishing for the first time at Tahoe Trout Farm. He learned to cast and reel, and even caught his first fish!! He was a little skeptical of it, and didn’t really know what to do with it at first. But his Dad sure was proud!


Our friend, Paul lives in Tahoe and he even took us out on his fishing boat. This was Kolton, Shayne and Jadyn’s very first boat ride. It was so beautiful and peaceful being out on the water.


Shayne was so relaxed by the waves that she fell asleep.


I have discovered that Shayne has a serious infatuation with sand! She LOVES sitting in it, rolling around in it, scooping it in her tiny hands and putting it into buckets, curling her toes in it and covering her entire body in the cool, rough, messy sand. It is adorable to watch, but seriously painful to clean.


Kolton is also a sand kid. While he loves the pool, he is not much of an ocean, or lake person…yet at least.

Shayne however loves any type of water she can get into. Even the coldest of water doesn’t seem to deter her.

The fireworks show on the lake is always one of the most memorable events of the trip. This year did not disappoint! Kolton is so fascinated with fireworks and was looking forward to this show for weeks! When the day finally came, he could not stop talking about it! The anticipation until 9:00pm was killing him! I am surprised that both of my kids stayed awake for the fireworks actually. They are typically in bed by 8:00. I made sure they both had naps during the day so they could stay up a little later for such a special occasion.


So many memories were made this year in Lake Tahoe! We are already talking about next year’s annual trip, and Kolton mentions it almost every day!