TOP: Leith (Nordstrom)//TANK: Motherhood Maternity//PANTS: Hue (Nordstrom)//SHOES: Tory Burch Caroline Flats

BABY SIZEShe is roughly the size of a papaya. She currently weighs around 1.7 pounds and is approximately 14 inches long.

HOW I’M FEELINGI am definitely feeling the extra weight these days. Having a shorter frame makes carrying a baby a little tougher I think. I love feeling her kick and especially when Curtis feels her as well. The back pain is still there, but I have been getting used to it and learning how to work around it mostly by slowing down and not walking as much as I am used to. Yoga is still helping, when I am able to go, and the chiropractor is my saving grace. 

FAVORITE FOODSI have been loving soups this week! I made a huge batch of chicken and vegetable soup and froze it, so I can heat it up whenever I have a craving. It is packed with vitamins and nutrients, so this is a very good craving to have! 

NEWS THIS WEEK: I have finally crossed the bridge into the third trimester and I just took the dreaded one hour glucose test. Although it is not fun, I was relieved to see the results come back normal. This week, her little brain is growing rapidly and her lungs are developing air sacks. Also, the membrane that allows for the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen is now thin enough to let her take a breath by the end of the week!  I just love reading about her development each week. It am able to feel more and more at ease when I realize how quickly she is growing and how soon she will be here!