Parents want to keep their kids healthy by providing them with plenty of nutritious foods. The problem is, many kids can be fussy eaters, who aren’t too keen on the healthy stuff! I know this from personal experience. To help your kids grow up with the right values, the key is to teach them plenty about nutrition. To support your children’s educational journey, use these top 5 nutrition apps for kids to help you out.

Nutrition Apps:

1. Smash Your Food

Smash Your Food is a guessing game app that helps children to learn more about nutrition. In this fun-filled activity, kids get to ‘smash’ food using a lever! Once the food item is smashed, they’ll learn how much oil, sugar and salt was hiding inside. With these awesome videos and sound effects, your kids will have plenty of laughs, while learning at the same time.

2. Awesome Eats

The Awesome Eats app was designed to teach children about healthy eating, including the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. Awesome Eats teaches kids about gardening, recycling, and nutritious food with plenty of fun activities. With 70+ cute characters and lots of challenging levels, this game can help your kids to eat healthier.

3. Gro Garden

In the world of Gro Garden, children can learn about gardening and sustainable farming. Here they’ll get to feed the famous ‘Connie the Compost’ and meet her microorganism friends. Once your kids have fed Connie, they’ll find that they can grow beautiful vegetable crops. Perhaps you’re looking to get your children involved with your gardening at home? If so, Gro Garden can be a great way to help them learn about compost. With a lovely vegetable garden you’ll help to keep your family healthy.

4. Eat & Move-O-Matic

Using the Eat & Move-O-Matic app, your kids can learn about their favorite foods, and all about exercise. The idea behind the app is that ‘small changes can make big differences,’ to our health. The app was first developed to support the Youth Voice program. Youth Voice is run nationally by the Walmart Foundation and the National 4-H council. These programs are focused on helping children to lead healthy lifestyles.

5. Recipes For Kids

Recipes For Kids is an app that offers some fantastic and healthy kids recipes. Most of these recipes are simple, and so you can get your kids to help with the cooking. You can search using specific ingredients, organize your favorite recipes, share on social media, and create shopping lists. Once you get you started, you’ll be hooked! Pretty soon, you’ll want to make up your own recipes, and experiment with new ideas. You could even help your child to create their own DIY recipe book. When it comes to kids’ recipes, the trick is keeping it simple (and delicious)! To get you started with something new, try this tasty lasagna rolls recipe

Whether it’s growing vegetables together, cooking meals, or chatting about food, with the right education, your child will grow up with a great understanding of healthy eating. I hope these top 5 nutrition apps for kids are helpful.

Stay healthy!