Today, September 1st, my husband I are celebrating our third year of marriage! Three years really does not seem like that long, but looking back at everything that has happened in these past three years is what is the most significant. We have been through tough times, and wonderful times. The completion of our family with little Shayne, and the first day of Kolton going to preschool were some of the most memorable. Between raising a family off of one income and me just starting to go back to school, we have definitely had our doubts about whether we have made the right choices at times. But when we are all four together, dancing in the kitchen and laughing like nothing else matters, we know that everything is just how it should be.

I wanted to take a little time to reminisce about one of the happiest days of my life, our wedding day! We were so fortunate to have Kolton before we walked down the aisle, so he was able to be a part of our very special, very memorable day!


We were married on September 1st of 2013 at the Hollins House overlooking the Pasatiempo Golf Course in Santa Cruz, California. The view of the ocean was spectacular, and there was not a cloud in site.



The details are what really made the day! From our custom made wedding CDs disguised as miniature records, to the beautiful flowers, wedding cake and decorations. Everything just came together.



Our wedding party was so incredible! We carefully selected the most important people in our lives at that time, and everyone was so supportive and wonderful!


And of course, our families joining together was the most important part of the day. With Kolton already in the picture, we had already become a family, but this beautiful ceremony really solidified it and gave eve



We are so thankful to everyone that made our day so special. I hope that we continue to grow together, learn from each other, and love each other with all of our hearts! Our family is the most important thing in the world, and together, we can do anything.






Check our our AMAZING wedding video HERE, courtesy of Permagrin Films!

These photos are courtesy of John Kaemmerling Photography