We love arts and crafts projects for Kolton and Piper. They are at such a fun age, and can get pretty creative at times. Anytime we are able to get these two BFFs together is always a good time and sometimes we can even get them to focus on a fun project.

Duck Tape® has such creative prints on their rolls of tape, and the possibilities of what you can create with these designs is endless! Since Kolton and Piper are three years old and both starting preschool next week, we thought it would be fun to let them pick out their favorite tape pattern, and decorate a craft caddy with their names on them. This project was not only easy, but also really useful, it would be a win for everyone!


First, we purchased the art caddies from a local craft store, where we also found some amazing Duck Tape® patterns! Piper, whose favorite things are rainbows, unicorns and the color purple, was a quick sell on the unicorn tape! Kolton absolutely LOVES gummy bears and sorting them into colors, so he really liked the fun gummy bear pattern he found. We couldn’t believe all of the fun patterns Duck Tape® has! From colored tape, to transparent colored tape, printed tape and even mini rolls with endless patterns! The craft possibilities with Duck Tape® are endless!  We also purchased some foam sticker letters for them to spell their names with.


We of course helped them place the tape on to get it as straight as possible, but the rest was all them! They both know how to spell their own names and had fun deciding which letter they wanted in which color, and placed them on their caddy themselves! We also had some extra decorative pencils lying around that we let them place a bit of tape on as well. Even an easy and fun project like this needed a little popsicle break so these three year olds could refocus.


In the end, our adorable craft was completed, even with us moms chasing around our mini toddlers in the process.


Kolton and Piper were so happy with their art caddies and can’t wait to start filling them with crayons, markers, stickers and whatever other crafting tools they can find! They even got to keep the remaining tape for future projects.

Check out the Duck Tape® Pinterest board to get some more age appropriate crafting ideas  for your little ones or for yourself. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Good Luck!!

Happy Crafting,

Danielle & Alia