Ali and I are always looking for fun craft ideas for our three year olds. They love getting together and are both becoming very creative. They also don’t have very long attention spans when they are together because of all the distractions and toys around. This can make some of our craft ideas a little more difficult.

Recently, we thought it would be fun to get together and have the kids paint birdhouses! Both love birds and both love painting, so we decided this would be a fun, season appropriate craft for them. I got two wooden birdhouses from Michael’s and some washable paints from an art store (any paint will do, but we of course prefer washable paint).

We set up a table in the backyard with a plastic cover, paintbrushes, paints and the wooden birdhouses. Kolton and Piper went right to painting.


They loved seeing how the different colors looked on their birdhouses when they used different typed of brushes. They also enjoyed mixing the colors and even getting some on their hands.

We could tell they were starting to get a little anxious to play, so we got the bubble machine going and had a backyard bubble party!


Watching these little ones around bubbles just brings pure joy to anyone around them. They are so excited and entertained!

As soon as Kolton and Piper decided they were finished with their birdhouses, we set them aside to dry. We later sprayed some hairspray on them, let it dry, and repeat two more times. This is supposed to give it a protective coating incase it rains. Now their masterpieces are ready to display. We can’t wait to see their faces light up when the birds start landing on them!


This was such a cute and easy project to do. It will also be so much fun when we are able to get Shayne and Kenzie involved!