It is hard to believe that we are already planning for our sweet baby girl’s first Birthday! While at times, this first year of her life has felt like a hundred lifetimes with all of the transitions our little family has had to make adjusting to our new lives as a family of four. But when I look back at it, it has also really flown by. It feels like yesterday that we first introduced her to her big brother and then brought her to her new home.

I can still see her first smile and hear her first laugh. Shayne has blessed our lives in so many ways, and will continue to in the many years to come!


Now, we continue to watch her grow and learn and explore. It is so amazing to me how observant she is. Always quietly checking out her surroundings and trying to mimic the things she sees and hears. She is always trying to talk and has gotten good at signing some things she wants.


Watching her and Kolton play and interact more and more really warms my heart. She loves him so much and lights up when he is around. He loves to make her smile and laugh, and always tries to comfort her when she cries. It is so sweet to see them become closer and closer everyday. She has started to play with some of his toys, and when he doesn’t want her playing with something, instead of snatching it out of her tiny hands, he finds something else that she will like, and offers her a trade. She usually gladly excepts. It is so sweet, and makes me feel proud as a Mom.


Shayne is really into self feeding. She loves meats, broccoli, rice, tofu, avocado, and just about anything else we put in front of her. She also loves to snack on pouches since she can hold them herself.

She is finally starting to scoot around a little bit. It really amazes me how different she has been developing compared to Kolton. He was up and running at 10 1/2 months. Shayne is barely starting to crawl at 11 months. I know she will be on the move when she is ready to be, so I am not in any rush to push her. I have been noticing that she is getting more and more anxious to explore though. Kolton loves to show her how to get up on all fours and crawl. It is really fun to watch!