Baby Quilts and Pretend Play

Even as young as 10 months old, our baby girls have already shown quite an interest in dolls and stuffed animals. They love to talk to them and snuggle them! It is really adorable! Shayne laughs hysterically when the especially fluffy animals are in her face, just like she does with dogs. I hope she always loves animals, pretend and real, like this!

What better way to encourage their pretend play at an early age then to give them a dolly quilt to wrap their stuffed animals and dolls in? We found a wonderful shop called Second Stitch to the Right on Etsy that makes some of the most gorgeous quilts we have ever seen! Each one is handmade and the patterns are so beautiful! You can even request custom orders.


The shop owner, Clare, is a grandmother of two and was taught to quilt by her own grandmother when she was young. She has such a lovely story behind her passion, and you can just tell that she values her skill and puts everything into making each one of these beautiful quilts. Even her dolly sized quilts are of the highest quality!


In addition to quilts, Second Stitch to the Right also has handmade crib sheets, organic swaddle blankets, changing pad covers and more. Check out her shop HERE. We just love the patterns, designs and quality Second Stitch to the Right has to offer!


We have partnered with Second Stitch to the Right to host a GIVEAWAY! You have a chance to win a credit of $50 to anything in the shop! To enter, comment below with who you would want to give a  handmade quilt to and why! For another chance to enter, check out our Instagram page. Good luck!!

If you don’t win the giveaway, you can still use our special discount code at the shop for 20% off your purchase! The code is: 2BLONDEMAMAS20



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5 thoughts on “Baby Quilts and Pretend Play

  1. My sister-in-law is due with a baby in June and her shower is next month! I would love to give her one of these. (:

  2. My little sister has a four month old baby boy who I adore. I would love to surprise her with a fun little treasure, she’s the most strong courageous woman I know.

  3. Well I hope this isn’t selfish but I would love to get one myself! Don’t have a quilt and love the idea of something hand made and good quality for my daughter to pass on to her for many years to come ! Would be such a joy

  4. I would give it to my baby girl – she is 9 months old right now and she is starting to play with stuffed animals and dolls. 🙂

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