My beautiful baby girl began the new year with a double ear infection and double eye infection. Luckily, she was such a trooper and took her antibiotics with no problems and even allowed me to give her eye drops 4 times/day. To my delight, she recovered very quickly and was back to her sweet self almost immediately!


Throughout the month, she has continued to enjoy trying new foods, including more fruits and vegetables, baby yogurt and even turkey. The only blend that I have made for her that she did not take to was the peas and carrots blend. I was very surprised because she has enjoyed carrots, but apparently not with peas. Maybe if I add a sweeter fruit like apple or pear to it next time, she will like it. Her absolute favorite right now is the yogurt in either mango or banana flavor. She even began doing the sign for “MORE” when I am not feeding her quickly enough. It is so cute and I am so proud of her for picking it up so quickly! I have had so much fun experimenting with different blends and seeing how she reacts to my creations.


Recently, Shayne has tried out the swing at a few parks we have been to. She absolutely LOVED it immediately! She laughs and smiles, especially when Kolton stands near her. It is just the cutest thing seeing her so happy! I like that she is able to enjoy our park outings more now, even though the rain has kept most of our activities indoors recently.


Shayne’s bottom two teeth have been in, and now I can see her top two starting to break through. She has been having a tough time sleeping because of them. I am hoping they break though soon so we can all have some relief. Teething is no fun for anyone.



Kolton is enjoying interacting more and more with his baby sister as she gets older. Watching him play with her and give her kisses melts my heart every time. I just know that one day they will be best friends.

I am looking forward to sharing Shayne’s newest accomplishments with everyone next month!