This has been another exciting week for us! We are that much closer to meeting our baby girl! Last week, we had an ultrasound to see the baby’s positioning and to our surprise, she is HEAD DOWN and ready to go!! At our 36 week ultrasound with Kolton, we found out that he was breech, which quickly changed everything for us. Although anything can still happen at this point, we can continue to plan for a VBAC, and breathe a little easier. The doctor told us that, although she cannot determine when I will go into labor, it could happen at any time from here on out. Since she is officially full term and all organs are fully developed, she is ready to enter this world! Seeing her on the ultrasound put so many things into perspective. We were able to see her profile, her hands, her spine and ribs, and her little feet (that have been feeling more like daggers, pulling apart my insides). We have been checking many items off of our to-do lists. We have completed our birth plan, hospital bags and nursery (Check out our nursery post HERE). We just installed our carseat, set up the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper in our room and have received our cloth diapers from Tiny Tots Diapering Service, which are so cute and tiny.

We have a garage sale scheduled for Saturday to make a little extra room, and a little extra money, for our baby girl’s arrival and Sunday will be the last time I celebrate Mother’s Day as a family of 3! Curtis apparently has something special planned for us. Hopefully it does not include anything too strenuous.

Baby girl is the size of a watermelon this week, and weighs over 6 pounds. I can’t believe we have made it this far, and now we just wait as patiently as possible for her to make her debut! My arms are yearning to hold her and see her sweet face for the very first time.


Kolton at a handyman in training workshop at The Home Depot