BABY SIZE: She weighs about 4 1/4 pounds and is over 17 inches long. I cannot believe how quickly she is now growing! She is roughly the size of a honeydew melon!

NEWS THIS WEEK: Her brain is developing more distinct functions and is capable of controlling breathing, digestive functions and body temperature.

We are getting ready for the big day! Since we don’t know exactly when that day will be, we are trying to be prepared early! We have created our hospital bag checklist, and are slowly getting items checked off. I want this transition to go easy for Kolton as well, so I am trying to include him in this whole process as much as possible. He can sense my fatigue and my anxious disposition and has become more and more clingy to me. We are constantly talking to him about the joys and responsibilities of becoming a big brother, so when the day comes, he won’t be too surprised.

Project nursery is almost complete! I have been putting all of my down time into this beautiful room, and it is almost ready to share! New nursery post coming soon!


Tucson is also excited to have another girl in the family!