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BABY SIZE: The size of a large eggplant, weighing about 1.3 pounds and about a foot long! HOW I’M FEELING: I have been feeling good this week, but getting tired again in the early evenings. I have been trying to do more prenatal yoga classes to help with some discomfort and minor aches and pains. FAVORITE FOODS: For the first time this pregnancy, I have been starting to get more of a sweet tooth. I have been trying to curb my cravings with fruit and yogurt, but every once in awhile, I have to give into them. I just tell myself that it must be what the baby needs. NEWS THIS WEEK: This week, our baby’s hair is beginning to change to the color that it will be at birth. Right now she weighs about the same as a lengthy paperback novel. Her lungs are developing and preparing for their first breaths. We have begun really talking to her a lot and reading to her so she gets used to the sound of our voices. IMG_0607       IMG_0611 -Danielle