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DRESS: H&M//BLAZER: ASTR (Nordstrom)

BABY SIZE: Roughly the size of a large mango weighing in at just over a pound, and almost 11.5 inches long from crown to heel.

HOW I’M FEELING: I have been feeling good this week. Having a bit more energy and a pretty healthy appetite. I have been slowly getting into nesting mode and have already begun the nursery. I have been experiencing some sciatic nerve pain on my right side and some upper and lower back pain, which has brought me back to my chiropractor for some relief.

FAVORITE CLOTHES: Maternity leggings, Ugg boots and oversized sweatshirts.

NEWS THIS WEEK: 23 weeks is a big milestone! When I read that the chances of survival at this stage is now 50% if born early, I was very surprised! I definitely do not plan on giving birth anytime soon, but knowing that our little bundle of joy could survive is a relief. This week, I have been feeling pretty good. We have begun to go through all of Kolton’s old clothes and baby items to see what we can re-use for our baby girl, and what we will no longer be storing. This has been very bittersweet for me. Going through his baby clothes has been a little emotional, but also exciting knowing we will have another newborn very soon. I feel her moving constantly, and imagining her as a tiny person is very exciting and still a little bit unbelievable.


Hooded Vest: American Apparel// Tank: Motherhood Maternity// Capris: A Pea In A Pod Maternity// Sunglasses: Ray Ban