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With the kids back in school, and all of their activities and sports in full force, making dinner every night has been challenging. This is why I am always searching for delicious solutions that are quick and easy. This is where Minute Rice comes into play! With so many flavor options that only take 60 seconds, you can’t go wrong. Keep reading to find out our favorites. What’s your flavorite? 

Minute Chicken & Herb Seasoned Rice Cups

This is Shayne’s favorite!!  This rice has a delicious homestyle taste with carrots, onion and garlic. This flavor pairs well with almost any chicken dish. I also love adding this flavor to soups and stews. 

Minute Yellow Rice Cups 

This flavor is white rice that is lightly seasoned with onion powder, garlic powder and turmeric for a delightful taste. I like this flavor paired with almost any fish. 

Minute Cilantro & Lime Jasmine Rice Cups

This is my personal favorite! With fully cooked aromatic Jasmine Rice that is lightly seasoned with zesty and natural flavors, including lime juice, cilantro and sea salt. This pairs perfectly with most Mexican dishes. But I prefer it all by itself.

Minute Jalapeño Rice Cups 

These rice cups are a tasty blend of onion, green peppers and mild jalapeños that will spice up your meals with just a touch of heat. This flavor goes well in my favorite homemade chicken soup.

Final Thoughts

After sampling each of these delicious flavors, we concluded that each has its own character and appeal. My favorite thing about these easy, microwaveable rice cups is that I now have something on hand after those long soccer days to quickly and easily feed my growing wildlings. 

So, do yourself a “flavor” and grab a cup, pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds, and enjoy by itself or mix in your favorite ingredients for a quick and flavorful, on-the-go meal. 

Minute Rice… What’s your flavorite?


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