This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Pet Food Express, but the opinions expressed are all my own.

Since Ghost came into our lives, Pet Food Express has become a staple. I love the convenience, the friendly and informative staff and of course the variety of healthy products they have to offer, particularly their exclusive Kiwi Kitchens brand of products.  Ghost has given so much to our family and has forever changed our lives. If you have a pet, then I am sure you understand how we feel about him. The holidays are here and it is time to find the perfect gift for your pet at the best pet supply store. I have found so many ways to celebrate your fur baby this holiday with Pet Food Express.

Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express has reimagined pet care by focusing on the very best products. The company sells only what they trust to care for their own pets. From its variety of nutrient-rich foods like raw and fresh prepared foods and its high-quality products like pet supplements to the extensive training its animal-loving customer service team gets and its neighborhood stores with pet wash stations and pet community support groups. The company is a committed partner to more than 275 non-profit animal shelter and rescue organizations every year, providing them with much needed aid through fundraising, product donations, help recruiting and retaining volunteers and adoption support. Healthier pets love Pet Food Express!

Kiwi Kitchens Brand

This brand is made in New Zealand which has an abundance of grass fed, red meats and sustainable fisheries. The clean, pure environment provides a platform to grow the world’s best food. Kiwi Kitchen’s is proud to bring the world a food that is both considerate of the environment and beneficial to pets. 

While you’re shopping, stock up on Pet Food Express healthy foods like Kiwi Kitchens. Their dinners and holiday pet treats are rich in Omega 3’s, packed with nutrition and filled with flavor pets love! 

Ghost loves the Freeze-Dried Food and Treats. I love that they are complete and balanced for puppies and adult dogs. The Boosters are a great food topper and the treats are 100% meat and highly palatable. We use them when training Ghost. And the holiday variety pack is so festive. Ghost tends to be a picky eater, so when he loves a brand of food, and it is also healthy, I know we have a keeper! 

For Ghost, we generally feed him dry food, but I have noticed that when we mix in some canned dog food from Kiwi Kitchens, he gobbles it up!  This canned dog food is also complete and balanced for puppies and adult dogs. 

Holiday Pet Toys

I always have fun finding the perfect stocking stuffers for Ghost. This year, Pet food Express has made it even easier. With the cutest toys that Ghost loves, you can’t go wrong. He loves anything that squeaks or crunches, and watching him play with his toys makes my heart full! 

So, if you have a fur baby that deserves all of the love in the world like our little Ghost, Pet Food Express is your one stop shop this holiday season. Don’t forget to pick up their exclusive Kiwi Kitchens brand of products. Your fur baby will give you extra snuggles.

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