Billy Beez has recently become our favorite local spot to take my very active 2.5 year old, Kolton, on a hot summer day, along with my new baby girl, Shayne. There are not too many places I feel comfortable bringing both kiddos without losing a bit of my sanity in the process. Both of my wonderful babies are extremely high maintenance, but in very different ways. Kolton is extremely active and LOVES to run, jump, play and climb, while Shayne needs to be constantly cared for, as all newborns do. It is tough to find a place where I can do both comfortably.

This summer, when a Billy Beez opened up really close to us, I knew it was going to be a hit! The atmosphere is filled with bright colors and activities for everyone! It is a great place for toddlers and bigger kids to be themselves in a safe, enclosed and very clean environment. While I have taken both Kolton and Shayne by myself before, I enjoyed it much more with another adult by my side. This last time, my mother-in-law joined me and was extremely helpful.

Billy Beez is packed with colorful slides and climbing areas, a ball area that is safe to throw balls and shoot them out of small, air cannons (the balls are as light as cotton balls), a miniature town for pretend play, a smaller toddler area, a cafe and rooms for entertaining groups. I don’t think I have seen Kolton have this much fun in a long time, and us grown-ups had a blast as well!

Kolton spotted the rainbow slide, and being so into his colors lately, he naturally was drawn to this and must have gone down it nearly 100 times.

IMG_3202 IMG_3207 IMG_3270 IMG_3278

He even got Grandma to join him a few times!


He was having so much fun and would make friends at the top and they would slide together (I did not include these pictures since I did not receive permission from the parents).

Just from climbing and sliding, he was covered in sweat and had a permanent smile on his face!

I kept Shayne in her stroller for part of the time, but when it was time for her to get out, I had brought my woven wrap, and was able to keep her close and still watch all of the fun!



The pretend play town called The Honeycomb Village, was also a huge hit. Kolton doesn’t always express a lot of interest in pretend play, but this time he did. It was a great way for him to start to wind down after all of the activity. He was very focused on the play food and would line them up and name them (he is very organized like that)

IMG_3217 IMG_3233 IMG_3238

There are even Plasma cars for the kids to enjoy and ride anywhere in the facility. We have one at home, so Kolton was very comfortable with this.

IMG_3222Needless to say, I bought a 10 pack of passes and we will definitely be spending many more hot days here. Since it is located inside the mall, I was able to walk around with both kids in the stroller and enjoy a cup of coffee and window shop. Everyone took a long nap after this exciting morning, and I can’t wait to go back!

Billy Beez gets an A plus review from this busy Mama!