When I had Kolton, I so desperately wanted to be a cloth diapering mama. After hearing about all of the benefits for my baby, as well as for the environment, I felt it was my moral obligation to reduce the disposable diapers in our landfills at least for his first year. This all seemed like a great idea, but when my baby boy was born, everything that seemed like a simple task was actually anything but simple. With that being said, I definitely did give it a try, but not so soon after, gave up mostly. I did continue to use my huge drawer of cloth diapers on occasions. I was washing and folding them at home, which was a grueling task on top of all of the new parenting obligations I was learning, but it was just getting too difficult to carry them around in my diaper bag when we would go out, which was often.

Kolton 2 weeks old.
Kolton age 1 wearing his cloth diaper.

When Shayne was getting ready to join our family, I really wanted to give it another shot. I even made my very reluctant husband take a cloth diapering class with me! We learned to use the pre-fold cloth diapers and even signed up for a delivery service. This way, I would not even have to wash them and so there would not be any excuses.

Photo courtesy of Jaime Hearts Photography

When Shayne was first born, she was just too small for even the newborn sized cloth diapers, so I waited a couple of weeks before I began to use them. But eventually, I did use them! I loved how soft they were on her newborn skin. She never got diaper rashes, and I felt like I was doing something good for the environment. I also loved how cute her little tushy looked in those adorable diaper covers! I was so proud that I was actually following through with it this time around!

Photo courtesy of Jaime Hearts Photography

Shayne is now 16 months old and our cloth diapering is coming to an end. This has been a slow transition since she became on the move. It has been getting harder and harder to keep her still while we change her, and cloth diapers, while wonderful in so many ways, take a little more time than disposable diapers to change. Also, they need to be changed more often since they don’t absorb as much as disposables,  which is definitely a challenge with an on the move toddler who hates diaper changes.

Photo courtesy of Jaime Hearts Photography
Photo courtesy of Jaime Hearts Photography

Now, the new challenge we are facing is which brand of diapers are going to be good enough for our little peanut? We began to shop around, and originally went for the same brand that Kolton used. Unfortunately, while absorbant, there were so many added chemicals, and Shayne immediately got her first diaper rash. I then realized just how sensitive her cute little tush really is. We would have to do some more research to find the right fit for her. I wanted to go without the chemicals, but did not want to her diaper to feel like cardboard or have to be doing several diaper changes throughout the night. With two little ones, sleep is very important to us all!

We had gone through so many different diaper brands before finding the brand we LOVED! After realizing that I did not want all of the added chemicals, it became easier to narrow down the search to a diaper that was hypoallergenic, latex free, chlorine free, fragrance free and free of lotions. They also had to be soft for my little girl on the move, and absorbent so I could go all night without having to change her. All sounds easy enough, right? Apparently I have some pretty high standards for my little beauty, but who could blame me?

Shayne 10 days old. Photo courtesy of Jaime Hearts Photography
Shayne 11 months old.

When we discovered Parasol Co. diapers, it sounded too good to be true. At first feel, they were so incredibly soft, and seemed to thin to really absorb much. I had to put them to the test before I could commit. The first night in them, Shayne slept through the night. When she awoke, her diaper was full, but dry. No sheets to change and no diaper rash!! We found a winner! An added bonus is the adorable designs!



Kenzie and Shayne in their Parasol Co. diapers

Parasol Co. also makes the most AMAZING wipes! They are all natural and smell like cucumber!! They contain a soothing blend of chamomile, oat and marshmallow extracts, organic aloe and Vitamin E. I use them for everything! They are so gentle and soft but also very strong when cleaning up the biggest toddler messes. My favorite part is the smell! I can’t get enough of it. I am  HUGE cucumber fan though. Reminds me of the refreshing infused water at the spa.


Shayne is currently down to 5-10 cloth diapers per week and our transition to these super soft diapers from Parasol Co. has been great. I am planning to be rid of the cloth completely within the next month. While bittersweet to see my baby girl grow up, I am so in love with all of the fun and exciting milestones ahead.



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