Some friends of ours have a cabin in Kirkwood, which is atop the Sierra Crest and tucked away about 35 miles southwest of South Lake Tahoe. They were nice enough to invite us for a long weekend.IMG_0267They have an adorable 2 year old little girl named Avery and a baby on the way, so we knew that Kolton would be entertained, and I would have a pregnant companion as well for the weekend 🙂 Although Curtis has been to Kirkwood several times to snowboard, this was mine and Kolton’s first trip. I was beyond impressed with its picturesque white mountains and serene beauty with a small town feel.


 You are not bothered with the temptation of casinos and nightlife, which would have been exhausting for me being 21 weeks pregnant and having a 2 year old. Instead our weekend revolved around playing in the snow with the kids, snowboarding for the guys, cooking delicious meals, playing board games, and just hanging out. This was just the ideal getaway for me, and Kolton had an absolute BLAST!!

Our hosts: Sara, Sean and Avery
Our friend Paul even came to visit

Curtis and Sean took Kolton and Avery sledding for the first time. They were both a little reluctant at times, but also curious and excited!


This is a trip we would definitely like to do again. Next year we are hoping to get Kolton on skis for the first time, and hopefully me out there as well. It may be tough with the new baby, but here’s hoping! IMG_0262 IMG_0319 IMG_0280

-Danielle 🙂