This year, our start to the new year went very different than past years. Myself being over 4 months pregnant, and Kolton being a very active 2 year old, we decided to get to bed early on New Year’s Eve and have a fun-filled morning as a family!  The day went better than I could have ever expected, and was the best way to start 2015. I was so pleased with our decision, that it actually brought tears of joy to my eyes (this may have been pregnancy hormone induced).

We decided to go to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo here in San Jose. The park is only about a 15 minute drive and perfect for toddlers. We arrived shortly after they opened around 10am, so parking was a breeze. We made sure Kolton was bundled up since it was pretty chilly out, and were able to walk straight in. Our first stop was to pet the goats. Surprisingly, Kolton was more interested in the water trough and HAD to climb in it.

Several of the animals were kept indoors due to the cold weather, but we still got to see quite a few goats, sheep, and some miniature horses. Kolton mimicked their sounds and loved watching them eat.

The play structure was where Kolton really got to wear himself out! The slides were so high, and just climbing the stairs was quite a workout! Curtis followed him all the way to the top several times, and slid down with him. I could hear them both laughing the entire way down.

The Sullivans had a similar idea in mind for the day, and we were all able to meet up! Kolton and Piper were thrilled to see each other and share stories of their adventures.

We could tell Kolton was getting ready to crash, so we enjoyed a quick lunch and headed home right around 1pm. I think I was just as worn out as Kolton but wouldn’t trade these memories for the entire world! This will be our last New Year as a family of 3, and I think we definitely made the most of it!

Happy New Year,

Danielle xo