Deciding which pumpkin patch to take a very strong-willed toddler to can be a task in itself. Kolton is not quite two yet, so anything too large or too far of a drive would just be overwhelming for him and for us.  We wanted this trip to still be memorable, so after a little research, we found this adorable farm only about 20 minutes drive from us. The place we found is called Spina Farms, and it was perfect!

Spina Farms is a traditional farm with every kind of pumpkin you could imagine! We saw orange pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, as well as several white and grey pumpkins and even red and black pumpkins are for sale here! My favorite was the dark red Cinderella pumpkin.

There was also a small hay maze, a petting zoo for the kiddos, a train to ride on, and even tractors that would take you around the farm! Kolton was not really up for much besides running through the pumpkin patch and petting a few of the chickens. Although he also really enjoyed watching the train go around and around!

It was a beautiful and sunny fall day, and we were able to pick out four perfect pumpkins without breaking the bank! After we were finished playing at the pumpkin farm, we stopped by the local produce stand and got some fresh veggies for dinner! All in all, this was a great decision and such a fun day without the stress of driving too far! Next step is deciding how to decorate our beautiful pumpkins!