With wedding season getting closer out here in Cali, I have been thinking a lot about the beautiful spot where we got married. I would choose that same location all over again if I could. There is nothing more important for your big day than picking the perfect wedding venue. The venue sets the tone for the entire occasion. It influences the ambience and consequently how your guests feel when they arrive. You want everybody to feel welcomed and you want there to be that wow factor. That is what is going to make everyone in attendance talk about your special day for years and years to come. But how do you pick the perfect wedding venue? Read on to discover what makes the perfect wedding venue…

The Theme

Firstly you need to consider the theme of your big day. Most people have an idea in mind of the sort of style they want for their big occasion. Do you want your venue to be contemporary and chic? Would you prefer to have an Eastern-themed wedding? Perhaps you would prefer beautiful rural romance? Or, what about stately glamour? The theme of your big day is undoubtedly going to influence your venue choice because the venue needs to fit in. For instance, if you wish to go for stately glamour the most obvious choice would be a stately home. If you would prefer contemporary and chic then you would be better off going for one of the modern and lavish hotels. Rural romance would be the best place in a country club or house. And then eastern-influenced would be best placed in a marquee. Think about how your venue is going to look in your wedding album! You can use the likes of ForKeeps for a digital photo album for your wedding.

The Venue

The next thing you should take into account is the location of the venue. This is something you need to consider carefully because it can have a huge impact on how many people actually turn up. You should pick somewhere that is easy to get to. Remember not everybody drives so you will have to look at public transports routes as well. Another way of looking at things is to consider if there is any overnight accommodation nearby. A lot of people like to enjoy themselves and have a few drinks when they go to the wedding. Therefore, they will be in no fit state to drive and will definitely want a room to crash in for the evening. It will make it a lot easier if there is a hotel or B&B in close proximity. Of course, if you are having your wedding in a hotel then this solves the issue before it has even arisen. 

Think Budget

Aside from the points that have already been mentioned, you will also have to consider aspects such as price, availability and size. It is imperative that the venue fits your budget. Everyone knows that weddings are an expensive ordeal. It is important to be strict with yourself. Search online for venues within your price range in order to avoid falling in love with somewhere only to discover it is way too pricey. You should also check the availability straight away as well. If you have a set date in mind and have no room for compromise then this is the first thing you should look at. After all, what is the point in looking at the venue and finding out all there is to know if it is not even available on the date you want it? And finally, you need to ensure the venue houses the number of guests you are going to have in attendance as well.