Ah, the dreaded chores. Nobody really wants to do them, least of all kids—but it’s an inevitable part of life. Engaging your children with household chores from a young age is a great way to teach them about hard work and responsibility. However; many kids resent having to do chores. Rather than making chores something that they will try to avoid at any cost, get creative with each task so that they’re eager to complete them. Here are 4 ways to get kids interested in household chores.

Use a Chore Chart

What better way for your kids to track their progress than with a chore chart? This way you can list out all the chores, who they’re assigned to, and how close your child is to reaching their goal or reward. Plus, checking off the boxes or placing a sticker next to the completed chores is a great way for children to feel a sense of accomplishment.

4 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Household Chores

If you really want to up your game, make a DIY chore chart yourself, rather than buying or printing one. You can engage your kids in the process by having them help you design it, which will get them to buy into the process even more. When making your chart, try to include a way to rotate chores between different members of the family. This way your children won’t get bored doing the same task over and over. One way to include new tasks is by following a seasonal maintenance checklist. The more variety you have, the more likely you are to keep your kids interested.

Reward Them for a Job Well Done

A reward system is a great way to get your kids wanting to come back for more. Just like adults who get paid for their every day jobs, it is helpful to reward kids for their hard work. At a young age, this is the closest they will come to understanding what a real job is like. The best part is that you can make the reward system whatever you think will work best for your child.

Some parents choose to reward their kids with money—the classic allowance. However, there are plenty of other options that can motivate your kids as well. You can reward them with an extra half hour of screentime, staying up later on weekends, a new game, or anything else that you think can work.

Don’t Make Chores a Punishment

By engaging your children with a chore chart, and using a reward system to entice them, they should begin to view chores as something they want to do. However; if chores are typically the consequence of bad behavior, it will likely have the opposite effect. Children may become less inclined to complete them with a positive attitude in the future.

4 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Household Chores

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t punish your child for bad behavior. Whether it’s with a time out, losing privileges, or treating the moment as a learning experience, there are alternative ways to discipline your child. Using chores as punishment will likely drive disinterest from your child when it comes to upkeeping the house.

Let Them Help When They Ask

It’s possible to get your kids interested in doing chores on their own accord. They may ask you if they can help with whatever task you’re doing, even if it isn’t one of their assigned chores. Rather than telling them no because it’s more convenient to do by yourself, allow them to pitch in and make it an opportunity for a shared experience.

4 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Household Chores

Whether it’s measuring out ingredients for muffins, or throwing clothes into the washing machine. Children are learning from us and developing teamwork skills. Leading by example and allowing them to participate when they are eager to help can establish volunteerism from a young age. It’s natural for children to take an interest in what their parents are doing. So don’t shut them off from the task. It will only make them less susceptible to help in the future.

Why It Matters

Regular home upkeep is a major responsibility of any homeowner. Failure to keep your house in good shape can have negative impacts on your home value. Although you may already understand the importance of being responsible, your child may take it for granted. Get them interested in chores young and you can teach them valuable life skills. This can set them up for future success.


4 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Household Chores

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