Six months is a big milestone in baby world! This is when Shayne crosses out of being considered an infant and really has begun to develop and grow and learn. This is the age where babies are able to really get into eating solid foods, begin sitting up on their own, and generally get transitioned into their cribs for sleeping. (Shayne started her solids a little bit early. Check out her first experience HERE). So far, she has tried sweet potatoe, banana, avocado, pear and carrots. Next, we are going to begin to introduce some iron-rich foods.


These past few months have been a little tough on Shayne health wise. She just cannot seem to catch a break with cold season upon us. Since Kolton is in preschool, he has been bringing home a lot of viruses. Although they only last him for a couple of days, Shayne catches them and holds onto them for 2 weeks sometimes. It is really heartbreaking because it is affecting her sleep (which has already been an issue) and her naps. I haven’t even had a chance to put away her humidifier in over a month. Thankfully, she hasn’t caught anything too bad, but even the smallest of colds on such a little baby can be very scary. I am trying to remind myself that this will help strengthen her immune system for later on in life. I recently had to take her back to the doctor for her ongoing cough, and they insisted on doing x-rays to check for pneumonia. Luckily her chest was clear for pneumonia, but since it has been nothing more than several viruses, there was nothing that they could do about it. I was told to just continue using the humidifier, covering her in Baby Vicks Vapor Rub, and run the hot shower several times per night to clear her chest. It has been exhausting for me but must be very traumatic for her since she has no idea what is going on. My poor baby is finally on the mend though.

Despite everything, she is always smiling, and rarely fusses or cries. Shayne has become more and more of an angel baby every month. She just has the cutest personality and is always happy!


At her 6 month check up, she weighed in at 14 lbs, 11 oz. and is 2 feet, 2.5 inches tall! She has had a pretty good growth spurt since starting solids just a few weeks ago. Aside from catching so many colds, she is growing and thriving perfectly! She is almost sitting up on her own and is trying to talk and making the cutest, “ba ba ba” noises. She is constantly grabbing at everything and anything you put in front of her and is figuring out to play with her toys. She is extremely alert and personable and loves all attention she can get.



Now that Shayne is completely transitioned out of her swaddle, and starting to sleep in her own crib, I wanted to find a safe and comfortable wearable blanket to keep her warm at night and also will prevent any possible entanglement or suffocation. My favorite product right now is the Muslim Bedtime Sleeper blanket from Bebe Au Lait.


Shayne did very well in her transition out of her swaddle, and seems to really like her new wearable blanket. I love the softness and that they are made from breathable material, so with her not sleeping right next to me, my mind can still be at ease, knowing she is just fine and cozy. The colors are really pretty too. Check out their other products HERE.

Shayne is the sweetest and most loving baby I have ever known, and I am so beyond lucky to be her Mommy! I just love her more than words can describe!

Thank you Bebe Au Lait for helping to make this post possible 🙂