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Making Valentines

I love the month of February! It is all about love, and what can be better than that? With this being Kolton’s first year of school, this will also be his very first time exchanging Valentines with his classmates. Of course I wanted to make it extra special! What better way to do that than …


Shayne Turns 8 Months!

My beautiful baby girl began the new year with a double ear infection and double eye infection. Luckily, she was such a trooper and took her antibiotics with no problems and even allowed me to give her eye drops 4 times/day. To my delight, she recovered very quickly and was back to her sweet self …


Shayne Turns 7 Months!

Shayne turned 7 months old on New Year’s Eve. Needless to say, we had a lot to celebrate! She has recently mastered sitting up, and can entertain herself with her toys while sitting for quite a while at a time. It is such a cute developmental stage and she is very proud of her new …


Shayne Turns 6 Months!

Six months is a big milestone in baby world! This is when Shayne crosses out of being considered an infant and really has begun to develop and grow and learn. This is the age where babies are able to really get into eating solid foods, begin sitting up on their own, and generally get transitioned into …


Kolton Turns 3!!

Kolton turned 3 years old on Sunday, but we had his Birthday party with friends and family on Saturday! We always have a difficult task of finding an indoor venue for his parties. Since his birthday is at the end of November, we have to assume that it will be cold and/or raining. This year …


Halloween 2015

This past Halloween was probably the best one yet! Kolton is about to turn three years old and is at such a fun age. Before this year, he didn’t really understand what Halloween was all about. When I got his costume, I tried my best to find something that he would be comfortable in, since …

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